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Opening Day 2010

Posted by dannmckeegan on April 6, 2010

It seems appropriate to use baseball’s Opening Day 2010 as the starting point for what I hope to be a thoughtful, informative, and entertaining contribution to the massive body of baseball commentary and analysis on the web.  As this blog’s url implies, my location and primary loyalty as a fan is to the Chicago Cubs.  I try my best to keep one eye focused on the national scene (not the Nationals’ scene, as I’d lose half my vision) and to maintain an objective view of the Chicago National League Ball Club.

My interests range broadly from advanced statistical analysis to teaching my three-year-old nephew a good batting stance, and I consider everything in between fair game and within reach of the areas of my expertise.  I taught myself to read and do math from my baseball cards, and I can’t tell you how long it took me as a four-year-old in late 1988 and early1989 to figure out what “SLG” stood for and how to calculate it.

The Throw It Like a Ballplayer name comes from Johnny Hutson, the head coach of my high school baseball team back in 2001-02.  Traditional cliches weren’t his forte, but he peppered the team with instructions to “throw the thing” and “throw it like a ballplayer.”  Our non-conference schedule even offered the privilege to see future 5th-round pick Bo Flowers crush a grand slam into the intersection of Chicago and 9th about 425 feet away from home plate in dead center.  We finally threw it like ballplayers, though, when we scrapped our way to a division title and playoff win in the Chicago Public League.  Then we threw it like Johnny Damon in the second round against a team that had the real ballplayer thing covered.

As I mentioned, I’m equal parts stat geek and Wiffleball hitting coach, with a love of the leather and grass, the stale gum and wax packs, and all the other things that make baseball unique, perfect in its imperfections.  With one game in the books for the 2010 baseball season, it’s time to stop focusing on me for the time being.  There’s a lot of baseball to be discussed, dissected, digested, pondered, pilloried, and parodied.  Welcome; Throw It Like a Ballplayer is open during construction.


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