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Fleer 89: I Win

Posted by dannmckeegan on April 20, 2010

Late last summer, I happened to be passing by Wrigley Field along Addison heading to the Red Line and stumbled into a ticket broker/memorabilia store that had a wall full of baseball cards from the 80s and 90s.  Unopened packs.  I spent about $10 or so, nothing more than $2 per pack.  And I left them unopened.  Didn’t touch them.  Until this past weekend.  One of the packs was 1989 Fleer, and I hit what has to be the mother lode for that year and brand.  In a pack of 15, I hit a pair of Hall of Famers, Kirby Puckett and Bruce Sutter, as well as the two most important rookies from the time: Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey, Jr.  I’m not sure how it worked out that way, but it’s a safe guess that Fleer had no idea how nice it was going to be to one lucky guy twenty-one years down the road.  Straight into sleeves with them all, obviously.

Of course, the big racket in the industry is professional grading, which can quadruple the value of a perfect-condition card by virtue of having a Cheap Cardboard and Low DPI Expert tell you what you already know.  But that’s a whole different story altogether, isn’t it?

A few Big Ideas have slowed down my production of consumable Little Ones, so I hope to have something of greater substance soon.  Until then, enjoy nostalgia like I do, and try to make some money off it if you can.  Let’s go, Cubs.  Beat them Mets tonight.


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