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Hanley has distracted me…

Posted by dannmckeegan on May 19, 2010

I have been recently distracted by the developments in South Florida.  It looks like Fredi Gonzalez has lost his superstar and might not be able to get him back.  The Marlins players other than Hanley Ramirez might also be so soured on him that a trade will be necessary.  Check out the local Florida media, as opposed to the national stuff.  It is turning really ugly, really fast.

Thankfully, Lou Piniella and Alfonso Soriano were able to hash out their issue quietly and professionally.

I want to wait a bit to see how this develops before writing anything else, but I think it’s interesting how quickly Hanley used the same card against his own manager that Lou Piniella used at the end of April in a post-game press conference: “What kind of baseball you play?”

Lou wanted to know who in the hell would have a left-handed batter bunt.  Ramirez called out his manager’s manhood by pointing out that he’d never made it to the big leagues.  Interesting choices.

Wes Helms, at 34 the oldest Marlin, had some interesting things to say about the situation.  I’ll be able to flesh this out subsequently, but I just hope to draw some attention to the issue, especially in light of the attitude of many Cubs fans about the need for “fire and passion” from Lou.  Remember: sometimes grown-ups acting like grown-ups can accomplish more than children smashing things for the sake of theatrics.  Let’s hope Fredi knows what he’s doing.


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