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Posted by dannmckeegan on May 25, 2010

The main point of this post is to finish claiming my blog via BallHype, but since this is going to be here for a bit, allow me to point out a solid piece of analysis from Goat Riders of the Apocalypse about D-Lee and Aramis in 2010:

I’m not a stats expert either, but when I see that a hitter has a low BABIP, the next thing I do is look at his batted ball stats. Fangraphs breaks up batted ball types into three categories: ground balls, fly balls, and line drives.

For example, check out Derrek Lee’s rate stats so far in 2010, compared to last year’s totals, as well as his career rates:

2010 – 21.1 LD%, 38.3 GB%, 40.6 FB%
2009 – 19.2 LD%, 35.1 GB%, 45.7 FB%
career-21.3 LD%, 39.7 GB%, 39.0 FB%

The joys of FanGraphs are really never ending.  Click on the link for the terror and horror of Aramis’ numbers.


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