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Radio Show Debuts Tonight!

Posted by dannmckeegan on October 26, 2010

Tonight (Tuesday 10/26) on Slam Internet Radio (, from 8-10pm Central Time, The Dann and Twan Show will be debuting. We’ll be covering all areas of sports on local and national levels, providing a distinctly Chicago voice. Plenty has been going on recently, and even more is upcoming. Tonight, in addition to getting some kinks worked out in the premier, we hope to cover:

  • The World Series: So you’re sick of the East Coast dominance, America? Prove it and WATCH!
  • NFL injury problems: Will Brett Favre be texting candid photos of his broken ankle to unsuspecting staffers?
  • Who contacted Brock Lesnar immediately after he dropped the UFC Heavyweight Title to Cain Velasquez?
  • The NBA regular season starts tonight: wake us up in April when they start to play hard.
  • And so long, oracle octopus! The octopus that correctly predicted the most recent World Cup has passed away.
  • And much, much more…or less, in a quick two hours.

Check out The Dann and Twan Show, streaming live tonight from 8pm until 10pm Central, on Slam Internet Radio!

And a special shout-out goes out to J.T. and Nick of The Pup List, airing Wednesday nights from 10pm to 1am Central on Slam Internet Radio. They welcomed me in last week as a guest host as they did their NBA preview and an initial look at the NFL’s new reiteration of its policy on collisions, concussions, and penalties. Thanks, guys!

Check us out tonight and, if you like what you hear, check out some of Slam’s other shows. They’re getting real close on a totally revamped website, so while that’s coming along, make sure to add the station as a friend over on Facebook at


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