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He’s not my type, anyway

Posted by dannmckeegan on November 9, 2010

The Elias Sports Bureau has released their newest fall rom-com, the 2010 MLB player rankings. A surprising knee-slapper, this year’s dramatic flourishes are supported but not overshadowed by some dark humor. But that’s not to say that some true knee-slappers aren’t right there for an attentive audience. What’s your type, MLB front offices? This plot follows a rag-tag group of statisticians and programmers who share a love of baseball and cruel jokes. Providing Old Man Selig with a numerical rank for all of the free agents out there, “Bud” Selig uses his power and influence to rank the top scorers as Type A or Type B. They are free for the signing…but with a catch. [More after the jump]The Catch? If one of the 30 lonesome, miserable GMs finds himself smitten with one of those Type A free agents, he has to surrender something precious to his future. Even worse than a devil’s pact asking for a firstborn, Elias’s system catalyzes the hardest decision possible for the GMs: sign their true love, or be allowed to keep their 2011 first round amateur draft pick. If the player signs, his spurned former team receives compensation in the form of a “sandwich” pick in a supplemental round between the first and second. That holds true for Types A and B. But a Type A player? He also costs that first round pick!

So let’s take a quick look at the premiere Type A free agents, the ones who can only sign with a team willing to cough up a 1st rounder:

Carl Crawford; Jayson Werth; Derek Jeter; Adrian Beltre; Cliff Lee; Mo Rivera; Rafael Soriano; Andy Pettitte; Adam Dunn; Paul Konerko

Sounds good so far. But then we see the other Type A free agents:

Victor Martinez; A.J. Pierzynski; Carl Pavano; Miguel Tejada; Derrek Lee; Matt Guerrier; Scott Downs; Arthur Rhodes; Jorge De La Rosa; Frank Francisco; Takashi Saito; Dan Wheeler; Jason Frasor; Manny Ramirez; Magglio Ordonez; Ramon Hernandez

Seriously? Someone’s giving up a first-rounder in what’s widely considered the deepest draft class in years to get a 40-year-old reliever (now in lefty – Rhodes – AND righty – Saito – models!)? Or pick a washed-up catcher, any washed up catcher! Even a team signing Gerald Laird (TYPE B!!!!!) will automatically allow Detroit to have a sandwich pick! He had a negative WAR, for those who care about such things.

And this is why the Cubs should not sign Adam Dunn. If anything, get Adam LaRoche (Type B) as a stopgap. He’ll hit 25-30 HR, play every day, and field his position well above a league average level. He’ll cost $7 million for 1 year with a mutual option for 2012. Done and done. Let the Donkey find other pastures.


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