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Jeter, Konerko, D. Lee, Favre, and Luongo

Posted by dannmckeegan on November 23, 2010

The White Sox have decided to offer salary arbitration to 1B Paul Konerko (Type A) and RHP J.J. Putz (Type B).  However, C A.J. Pierzynski has not been offered salary arbitration. Pierzynski is too expensive an option and, as a Type A free agent, might well be forced to accept the Sox’s offer. With veteran options such as Bengie Molina now on the market, similarly unfettered, likely to cost less for similar or lesser salaries, the Sox are ready to move forward without a limp-armed left-handed hitting version of Jason Kendall.

The big news of the day is the Yankees’ decision not to offer salary arbitration to SS Derek Jeter. Long the face of the franchise, Jeter joins a big list of arbitration-eligibles on the Yankees to be set loose. In fact, only RHP Javier Vazquez will be offered arbitration (he’s already agreed to refuse it). Jeter joins Rivera, Posada, Pettitte, and Wood. Jeter wants more than 3 years and is not enthused about a 20% cut in pay from $18 million to $15 million. The Yankees are realists, though. They won’t give that kind of  time and money to a player at a key position with declining skills. Fun times.

Atlanta will be turning over the reigns of first base to rookie Freddie Freeman in 2011. As such, former Cub 1B Derrek Lee will not be receiving an arbitration offer from the Braves.

Brett Favre’s downfall, Brad Childress’ firing, and Roberto Luongo’s epic fail against the Hawks will complement the Hot Stove and plenty of other NFL talk to round out this week’s episode of…




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