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The Dann & Twan Show

The Dann & Twan Show

airs live every Tuesday from 8-10pm Central Time


Slam Internet Radio


can be listened to thereafter on Slam Internet Radio’s UStream channel at


You can even visit us live during our broadcasts from the Slam Internet Radio studio at PC Here, located at 4055 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. That’s right across the street from the Portage Theater in Six Corners. Any work you need to do on- or offline, PC Here is a great deal and is open late. Check out PC Here’s Facebook page and the Slam Internet Radio Facebook page.

This page will be updated occasionally with posts regarding upcoming shows, live events, sponsorship information, and all sorts of other good stuff. Maybe I’ll even let Twan in on the fun! Make sure to check us out. I’m all about the Hot Stove, Twan’s a football guy, and we have plenty of time to talk about hockey, hoops, and even good old fashioned ‘rasslin’ when time allows.

The Dann & Twan Show, Talkin’ Sports…We’re a little bit out there.


One Response to “The Dann & Twan Show”

  1. Luongowned
    Heading into a busy show this coming Tuesday on Slam Internet Radio, Dann of The Dann & Twan Show wanted to commemorate a big win on the Blackhawks’ annual circus trip. Bobby Lu and the Vancouver Canucks did provide quite the epic fail some 24 hours after the Hawks laid a similar egg in the Stampede City. Make sure to tune in to The Dann and Twan Show this Tuesday, November 23rd, on Slam Internet Radio from 8-10pm Central Time., or if you can’t make it then, check out our show archives at the Slam Internet Radio page on

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