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He’s not my type, anyway

Posted by dannmckeegan on November 9, 2010

The Elias Sports Bureau has released their newest fall rom-com, the 2010 MLB player rankings. A surprising knee-slapper, this year’s dramatic flourishes are supported but not overshadowed by some dark humor. But that’s not to say that some true knee-slappers aren’t right there for an attentive audience. What’s your type, MLB front offices? This plot follows a rag-tag group of statisticians and programmers who share a love of baseball and cruel jokes. Providing Old Man Selig with a numerical rank for all of the free agents out there, “Bud” Selig uses his power and influence to rank the top scorers as Type A or Type B. They are free for the signing…but with a catch. [More after the jump] Read the rest of this entry »


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The Cases for Adrian and Adam

Posted by dannmckeegan on October 8, 2010

Both Adrian Gonzalez of San Diego and soon-to-be free agent Adam Dunn have reportedly expressed interest in playing for the Chicago Cubs. Gonzalez, as first basemen by trade, expressed this sentiment to the Chicago Sun-Times’ Gordon Wittenmeyer last week as the Cubs were in the midst of hurting the Padres’ playoff chances. Carlos Zambrano claims, according to Bleed Cubbie Blue, that Dunn told him way back when the “first baseman”/slugger first was traded to the desert from the banks of the mighty Ohio. Read the rest of this entry »

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Say it ain’t so, Doc

Posted by dannmckeegan on August 27, 2010

Stephen Strasburg of the Nats got the bad news from Dr. James Andrews. He’ll get a second opinion from Dr. Elliot Yokum, but that’s like asking two different choosy moms if they both choose Jif. Natstown Jesus will be going under the knife and missing, most likely, all of the 2011 season. It would hardly make sense to rush him back for a pointless September in 2011. The goal is probably for Strasburg to be ready to go on Day One in 2012. Top draft pick Bryce Harper might be ready by then; Ryan Zimmerman should still be driving the lineup; Jordan Zimmermann and Drew Storen should be integral cogs in the pitching staff. If all goes well, Strasburg will return a triumphant ace and bring Natstown deep into October, someday.

It’s funny. Mocking the Nats isn’t nearly as fun as mocking the other perennial non-contenders. I think it’s because Washington has a clear idea of what it takes to win and what they will have to do to accomplish it. Combine that with the potential for a strong fan base if they can bring home some success and star power, and they might actually have a bright future.

Maybe KC, Pittsburgh, et alii will also make an effort to compete. Pittsburgh has a lot of young players – Andrew McCutchen, Jose Tabata, Alvarez, Daniel McCutchen to name a few – but who knows how long they’ll actually be kept. Cynicism deserves its say in Pittsburgh, until proven otherwise.

And cynicism also will have its say for Strasburg and Natstown. Why? Simply because the hype was always too great. It works nicely as a metaphor that the ulnar collateral ligament in the elbow in which all of D.C.’s baseball hopes were invested, is no more. It tore. It could not stand the strain. To the surgeon’s table, and under the knife. Not for repair, but with replacement. The hopes won’t be discarded, however, like so much frayed and damaged tissue. The hopes will be rekindled out of the same cloth, the same dirty laundry, that all baseball fans cheer for. The home whites with the angular font and unreliable spelling. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But someday, there’ll be a winner in D.C. For now, the wait is merely extended.

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