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Looking at LOOGYs

Posted by dannmckeegan on May 5, 2010

James Russell - MiLB

Cubs rookie, loogy James Russell. I'd provide a better picture, but none exist. While there is no reason not to record a LOOGY for posterity, even in a digital age, photographers would hate to waste the film. At least that's what they tell the poor kids.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the LOOGY, one of the most specialized positions in MLB.

The LOOGY, for those who don’t know, is the Left-Handed One-Out Guy. He’s a relief pitcher who averages less than an inning per appearance and is expected to come in for a specific hitter or two in the late innings. Used correctly, he’ll have something like twice as many appearances as innings pitches. The only situations he’ll usually see are the crucial short-relief situations and the occasional mop-up duty where ERAs get blown up and any stat imaginable gets blown to hell. Which certainly makes any sort of analysis of a pitcher you can miss by blinking all the more fun a month in.

Let’s see who falls where.

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Updates: TTO; Bradley; Silva; Bullpen

Posted by dannmckeegan on April 13, 2010

Carlos Silva and Milton Bradley are not going to leave me alone.  Studying Silva’s fall from grace is interesting and more complicated than I thought.  Bradley’s saga keeps getting more and more storied.  There’s some tangential follow-up to the three true outcomes entry from a couple days ago.  And the bullpen craziness is bugging the hell out of me.  I’ll have more later, but I’ll keep these four mini topics together.

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