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Milton Bradley vs. Carlos Silva & Cash, part 2

Posted by dannmckeegan on May 12, 2010

A name that Mariners fans loathe.  A name that causes unease among Cubs fans.  A name that, despite appearing in only eight box scores in the major leagues in 2009, has found itself featured in headlines on the web, on cable sports shows, and in print.  An absurd contract, a track record of injury, poor performance over a prolonged stretch, outspoken criticism of his team and management, and inclusion in an off-season trade of two teams’ undesirables that would make an NBA general manager proud.  Undefeated so far in six 2010 starts for Chicago.  This is Carlos Silva. Read the rest of this entry »


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Ex-Cub Watch #3: Of Milton and Miles

Posted by dannmckeegan on May 6, 2010


This picture actually captures the farthest that Aaron Miles has ever hit a ball from home plate on a fly since. He reached base on the swinging bunt.

I’m actually not going to write about Milton Bradley’s most recent struggles here.  I can respect a guy reaching out for help, even if it seems to be too late from the outside looking in.  Back in April, I went through Milton’s past experience and the ways in which things have generally turned sour.  ESPN has covered the story, so I’ll just provide a link and simply say that where the last part of the story could fall into afterschool special territory, we ought to think it’s pretty cool that a guy at the breaking point himself could do this:

Bradley stood before students and teachers at Lakeridge Elementary school in south Seattle and openly discussed what motivates him.

Now he and the M’s can hopefully get him healthy, for the first time not worrying about the calf strains and tight quads.

That being taken care of, let’s move on to the most interesting thing Aaron Miles has ever been involved with (even if it’s about 90% fiction): Read the rest of this entry »

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Milton Bradley vs. Carlos Silva & Cash, Part 1

Posted by dannmckeegan on April 8, 2010

Congrats to Kurt Suzuki of the A’s for his walkoff double last night.  As you can see in the video, Mariners LF Milton Bradley, who managed his first home run (and hit) with his new club last night, doesn’t quite pull that one in.  Is there a little schadenfreude on my end?  Not really, since it isn’t Bradley himself that causes me to draw attention to him.  The majority of the baseball commentariat – talking heads, writers and bloggers alike – was convinced that Seattle had fleeced the Cubs in the off season.  In an exchange of bad fits, they said, Bradley was by far the better option and well worth the extra money Seattle has to pay Chicago to take on Carlos Silva.  Foolishness. Read the rest of this entry »

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Notable Ex-Cub Watch, Vol. 1

Posted by dannmckeegan on April 6, 2010

Occasionally I’ll help you check in on some of the former Cubs, prominent or not, floating around MLB in 2010.  This is intended to isolate trends more empirically based than Ron Berler’s theory of the Ex-Cub Factor.  The Ex-Cub Factor simply posits that three or more former Cubs doom a team to failure in the World Series.

I argue, rather, that loading up a roster with available pieces from a non-World Series team is not likely a recipe for success.  If Player X isn’t going to be retained by a team close to getting over the hump, he isn’t likely to be the tipping point for a team in a worse position.  Of all the ex-Cubs floating around MLB in 2010, none can be more prominent than the focus of today’s feature.

Milton Bradley Read the rest of this entry »

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