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Damn, I was off the mark

Posted by dannmckeegan on October 28, 2010

I want the Giants to win the World Series. A likable staff. Mike Fontenot. The Kung Fu Panda. Juan Uribe. The Freak. Bah Gawd it’s Cain. A 21-year-old lefty who shares a name with a character in the original Bad News Bears and a closer who bears a slight resemblance to CM Punk. Not to mention Posey, Ross, and my 2002 fantasy baseball studs, Aubrey Huff and Guillermo Mota (well, Mota did help pull my WHIP down a little…)

Anyhow, at the same time, I believed the Rangers to be the slightly better team, or at least the team better able to win this series. And after two games, I’m surprised at how poorly the Rangers have played and been outmanaged. It starts with Ron Washington’s bullpen usage, really. In game one, why waste 2 innings of one of your best arms (Ogando) in the blowout? And, even assuming Ogando was unavailable tonight, why wasn’t Neftali Feliz used in the highest leverage situation possible? Bases loaded, Holland wetting a dorm’s worth of twin beds, and it’s progressively worse pitchers we see until we hear Buck and Tim mention that Tommy Hunter, the projected Game 4 starter, was on his way out to warm up. Seriously? It was the 8th, and there would be no 9th unless they tied the game in the top of the 9th. So why should the best pitcher Texas has to offer stay seated? It makes no sense. Preserving a 3-0 deficit, say, is far more important than keeping a seat occupied down by a touchdown and a safety.

Looks like I might be wrong, but I’ll happily take a National League champion. The question is, who do the Giants use at DH? Burrell, who’s struggling and also tends to perform better when playing the field? Sandoval, allowing Bochy to keep Uribe’s arm at third base and Fontenot on the bench as a U? Rowand, or is his potential defensive reputation too valuable if Torres pulls something? Interesting things to look at.


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Geovany Soto’s great 2010

Posted by dannmckeegan on September 10, 2010

Over at FanGraphs, Jack Moore just yesterday published an article describing the very, very goodness of Geo Soto’s 2010 after a poor 2009 showing. He claims that Soto could be even better had Lou handled him better. I commented over there last night, but I had a few more thoughts that are more reliant on the numbers comparing him to Mauer and Buster Posey.  Here goes: Read the rest of this entry »

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