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The NL MVP Race: Yo, Adrian

Posted by dannmckeegan on September 20, 2010

I was reading Dave Cameron‘s piece over at FanGraphs asking if Colorado SS Troy Tulowitzki should be the NL MVP in 2010. The one caveat I have with mentioning Tulo (or CarGo) in the same breath as park-adjustments in 2010 is that another top candidate, Joey Votto, plays in a park in which a man can hit a home run into the Ohio River.  But at the same time, park factors are integral to looking at SD 1B Adrian Gonzalez‘s candidacy. Read the rest of this entry »


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Jake Peavy: a Jekyll and Hyde Case Study

Posted by dannmckeegan on May 4, 2010


Jake Peavy delivers as a Padre. His pitches when with San Diego tended to make their way to the seats whenever he strayed too far from the Pacific coast. Photo from

There is nothing quite like a visit from the Kansas City Royals to cure what ails you.  Enter Jake Peavy, the nominal White Sox ace acquired by Kenny Williams in the middle of 2009.  Peavy had struggled with both his velocity and location this season up until Monday night’s start against an offensively challenged (and pitching-challenged and defensively challenged) Royals team.  Relying heavily on the newly regained zip on his fastball (94-95 at times), Peavy mixed in a cutter, curve, slider and change to the tune of only 4 hits and a walk through 7+ shutout innings.

This enticing outing for White Sox fans comes as concerns have been coming to a head.  Surprisingly, there has been little historical analysis to explore Peavy’s baseball past.  That is, sabermetric projections were happy to give Peavy’s potential a nod in the preseason, but nobody quite looked at what’s happened before.  Leave the predictions to Miss Cleo.  This isn’t about analysis, per se, but rather a take on the historical record.

Peavy has won a Cy Young Award (2007) and twice been an All-Star (2005, 2007).  Since debuting in 2002, Peavy has surpassed 200 innings in a season three times (2005-07) and started 30 or more games in four seasons (2003, 2005-07).  He left San Diego with a career record of 92-68, averaging 61/3 innings and 103 pitches per start.  His cumulative rate stats are impressive as well: 3.26 ERA, 1.182 WHIP, 3.10 K/BB ratio, and 0.667 opponent OPS all merit ace consideration in this day and age.  He clearly amassed the numbers and reputation of a top pitcher.

On the surface. Read the rest of this entry »

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