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Sign on the dotted Mendoza line

Posted by dannmckeegan on December 8, 2010

The Chicago Cubs have their power-hitting lefty first baseman. According to Carrie Muscat, Carlos Pena will be taking his talents to Oak Street Beach for one year at $10 million. Scott Boras could get Werth a contract through his age 38 season, but Pena’s low .196 BA likely hurt his value right now. While I personally was hoping the Cubs would avoid spending money this winter and instead focus on freeing up money for a brighter long-term future, this signing might well make sense. One would assume he slots into the fifth spot in the order behind Ramirez and in front of Soto and Soriano. Castro, Byrd and Colvin would be the top of the order, and DeWitt would hit 8th. Of course, that’s the traditional way of doing it. One could organize it logically, with the 1-3-4 hitters being the team’s best; 2-5 being next, and then 6-7-8-9 going in descending order of talent. If that were the case, then the lineup would look something like the list after the break.Castro SS

Byrd CF

Soto C

Ramirez 3B

Pena 1B

Colvin RF

Soriano LF

DeWitt 2B


The thread that interests me here first and foremost is that, while the team lacks a potential 40-homer guy, they have 5 legit 20+ guys, plus line drive hitters in Starlin, Marlon and Black. Not a fearsome lineup. A strikeout-heavy lineup, really. And that means feast or famished offense, something known far too well on the north side. This should put to bed any and all of the Chris Davis rumors. The Cubs, at root, aren’t willing to pony up the farm. That is inspiring, really.


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